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  • DOT Facility Services
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    DOT FACILITY SERVICES een specialist op het gebied van Services, Transport, Installatie, Reparatie, In-Verkoop van Kantoor & Design inrichting, Bemiddeling en Opslag.

  • DOT Facility Services
    DYNAMOBEL Furniture

    DOT FACILITY SERVICES – Services Partner DYNAMOBEL Benelux – Spain


  • DOT Facility Services


  • DOT Facility Services

    DOT FACILITY SERVICES Cablemanagement 

  • DOT Facility Services
    Second Life & Vintage

    DOT  Second Life & Vintage – Vraag & Aanbod

  • DOT Facility Services
    DOT Duurzaam werken & Transport

    Green DOT, staat voor duurzaamheid, Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen, gescheiden afvalverwerking, kennis delen, alsmede Tweede Leven kantoorinrichting.

DOT International

Working together is the key to the future

DOT Facility Services has many years of experience ranging from planning and managing corporate relocation, sourcing furniture and services as well as managing the re-deployment of surplus office assets.
Our service is highly regarded, in which we ourselves cooperate to ensure quality.
Direct point of contact and 24-hour services.
DOT Facility partners with a professional staff of Project designers, Suppliers, Installation companies, Specialized independent & TOP Movers whom we have personally worked with.

  • Transport, removal and mounting within Europe
  • Independent Services Partner DYNAMOBEL Spain -Benelux
  • Independent Services Partner FLOKK